• The Only One

    An Extra-ordinary God mingles with ordinary Man

    “The Only One” emphasizes the uniqueness of God and draws us into worshipping Him

    The Only One
  • Through Fire To Faith

    Has our faith been through fire and yet prevailed?

    True Faith is one that has stood the test of time, trials & temptation

    Through Fire To Faith
  • A New Tomorrow

    Spiritual Maturity is a lifelong process

    Giving thanks, despite circumstances, is something that every Christian must learn and practice

    A New Tomorrow
  • Oops Scenarios!

    Oops-isms of Life

    Some things that we’d rather rewind and play out differently if we could

    Oops Scenarios!
  • Toss of Life

    In the Game of Life

    what does it really mean & take to win?

    Toss of Life
  • Flood Relief

    Does God keep His promises?

    To be sung tongue-in-cheek ;-)

    Flood Relief
  • World View

    Putting Life in perspective

    Your choices will determine your consequences

    World View
  • Home For Christmas

    Lonliness is a disease

    Now there is a permanent cure!

    Home For Christmas
  • Jesus Calling

    What would you do when God calls?

    would you listen with your heart to hear His voice of reason?

    Jesus Calling